Loupe Headloupe Multi Lense

This is a light head magnifying glass of wide-view scope with 3D lens and light .It is broadly applied to manufacturing and processing precise products, and repairing camera ,electric chemical product, electronic part of vehicle anf computer etc,and it is also suitable for the works of dentists , beast doctors and beauty staffs , jewel processing ,sewing ,embroidery , stamp collection,reading ,drawing and so on. and it is hoped that the fishing lovers with suitable ages can use this products . You can see small things without glasses . If you turn on the light , you can safely walk on a rough road at night, too.


* With two LED lamps
* With automatic voltage booster,which can change the voltage of two AAA batteries from 3V to 4.5V and give enough light.
* The efficiency of LED lamp is over 10 times of ordinary peanut bulb,Protect environmental and save energy.
* Bracket can be rotated upward or downward for 45 degree,and left or right for 25 degree.
* The multiples of lens have four selections:
Multiples                    Distance to object
1.2X                              520-620MM
1.8X                              230-320MM
2.5X                              150-250MM
3.5X                              80- 120MM
* Battery:two NO.7 batteries



Multi Lense Headloupe