Diamond Parcel Paper

North Side Diamond polishing Tools  parcel papers is  for safe handling of your precious stones.
Approved and accepted internationally with huge demand.
Recommended For: Loose Polished Diamonds,
Loose rough diamond, Industrial Gems and
Precious Color Stones like Ruby, Emerald,
And Sapphire, Opal etc.

Available Size as below :-
A) 64mm x 37mm : No. 1
B) 75mm x 40mm : No. 2
C) 80mm x 45mm : No. 2.25
D) 84mm x 49mm : No. 2.5
E) 92mm x 47mm : No. 3
F) 95mm x 56mm : No. 3.5
G) 110mm x 65mm : No. 4
H) 125mm x 70mm : No. 6
I) 135mm x 84mm : No. 7
J) 150mm x 94mm : No. 8
K) 170mm x 104mm : No. 10
L) 190mm x 120mm : No. 12


Parcel Paper 1