Diamond tester Mizar Prestige 11

The Mizar Diamond Tester Prestige II is an indispensable tool for jewellery professionals. One error may cost you more than the price of this tester!
The Mizar Diamond Testers are simple but effective, giving the user a quick “true/false” reading. Housed in a high-impact plastic case, it is everything you will need to test diamonds in rapid succession, whether the stones are mounted or unmounted.
Operation of the Mizar Diamond Tester is simple. Turn the unit on, wait five to seven seconds for the “Ready” light, select whether it’s a large or small stone, and touch the probe tip to the stone. A light will turn on along with an audio indication if the stone is a diamond. No external power cords or clips necessary; this diamond tester uses a 9-Volt battery.
For testing rough the user must be in possession of a permit issued by the regulator and passed the minimum set of requirements as stipulated.
The Mizar Diamond Tester Prestige II comes with the following advanced testing features and options:
Its twelve-light display makes it possible to identify Cubic Zirconia (CZ), diamonds and other stones such as sapphires
Warm up time is less than seven seconds
Manual controls allow for accurate tests outside normal environmental conditions
Operates on 9-Volt batteries (included)




Mizar Prestige 11 Diamond Tester