Deep Boiling Pot Large

The High-Pressure system is manufactured in EN19 Condition T and the boiling vessel lined with high temperature, acid resistant Teflon. The vessel is sealed using a Teflon liner under a stainless-steel cap which is pulled down onto the vessel using 6 bolts.

Due to acid corrosion the high-pressure vessel is constructed without a safety valve and therefore must be considered as highly dangerous.

The high-pressure system can be

supplied with a small domestic oven in which to heat the vessel to the required temperature. It is recommended that the oven, with the system inside is placed in a locked space of its own with access to the electrical supply on the outside of the locked space, an old safe or metal container in a secure area would be suitable. Should the customer want to construct their own oven, (e.g. wire up an electric element into an old safe or metal box) a temperature gauge must be fitted as any temperatures higher than 250 degrees centigrade will destroy the Teflon liner resulting in corrosion and leakage of the acid, making the system non-productive and highly dangerous

The user and anybody in close proximity i.e. in the same room must wear the following:

1. Goggles for eye protection.

2.Elbow length rubber gloves and rubber apron.

3.Suitable breathing mask. (Acid is dangerous when inhaled)

4.Protective footwear e.g. wellingtons or industrial boots.

5.Full overalls i.e. arms and legs must be completely covered at all times.





Deep Boiling Pot Large with inserts