*NEW* Fancy Color Diamonds; The Pricing Architecture

Fancy Color Diamonds: The Pricing Architecture, by Eden Rachminov

Fancy Color Diamonds: The Pricing Architecture is Eden Rachminov’s second book. It was written for the fancy color diamond industry and its wealth of knowledge is now available to all diamond and jewelry professionals, including retailers and the end consumer.

Utilizing over ten years of data collection and research, this book introduces a new, straightforward system that can be adopted by the industry at large. Mining companies, diamond manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and even fancy color diamond connoisseurs are welcome to apply Rachminov’s breakthrough methodology.

Presently, many retailers selling fancy color diamonds employ a relatively narrow professional vocabulary derived from the colorless diamond world. A thorough read of this book and its Appendix will enable the reader to evaluate any fancy color diamond using a much broader scope beyond the basic four Cs and embrace a far more accurate conceptual pricing valuation. It will also provide advanced selling and talking points to enhance the sales process and raise consumer confidence.

This book is the first published work to illustrate the commercial aspects of these magnificent gems without compromising the interests of any party throughout the supply chain.

“The Layer System” presented in this book is a unique approach to illustrate the many impactful commercial characteristics absent from the GIA gemological report. Each attribute is represented as a “layer”, each layer is a chapter in the book and each chapter is accompanied by magnificent images and sketches that visually articulate the text. The impressive Appendix accompanied with the book includes 15 premium charts and over 10,000 coefficient tables that decode the complex fancy color pricing structure and the premiums each characteristic imparts.

This book is a must-have-tool for anyone dealing in fancy color diamonds and should find its place among the loupe and diamond report.




*NEW* Fancy Color Diamonds; The Pricing Architecture