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North Side Diamond Polishing Tools sell all the tools and equipment required to analyse rough and polished diamonds, clean rough and polished diamonds and cutting rough diamonds. With more than 25 years of experience in the diamond industry we can confidently assist you with all your requirements.

For clients that are looking to buy rough diamonds we supply the following tools, Daylight Two Tube and 3 Tube lights, Fluorescent Light, Sorting Pads, Parcel Papers, Loupes, Tweezers, Colour Boats, Diamond Testers, Scratch Pens, Gauges, Scales, Microscopes, Sieve Sets, Optivisors and much more.

For cleaning rough and polished diamonds we supply all cleaning options available such as, Deep Boiling Units, Glass Boiling Units, Chemicals, Cloths and safety equipment.

For the Cutting and Polishing Industry, we have a vast amount of experience in setting up a Diamond polishing factories.  We sell and stock Diamond Polishing Tools from companies such as Rico, Lexus, HRD, Ogi and other diamond tool manufactures. We also keep consumables in stock; please let us know should you require any information regarding your Diamond Polishing factory.

Please call us or fill in your details on the Contact Us page if you have any queries or if you would like one of our experienced sales staff to come and see you.